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You are my sunshine

August 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

People often ask me, “How do you come up with all of these ideas?”

My inspiration comes from many different sources. Quite often it is from a song, a single piece of clothing, movies, or even from scenes in my favorite book. These ideas float around in my head until I pull them out, piece by piece to form a favorable setting. This session is a great example. Morgan contacted me about shooting maternity pictures of her. I immediately went to Facebook to stalk / investigate who she is :) . What I found was that she has a very distinct style. I immediately knew exactly how I wanted this shoot to play out. Having not met Morgan in person, I went with my gut instinct and sent her a suggestion for a lace dress. Her style would best be described as boho, hippie, gypsy kinda style. She responded that the dress was perfect and she added in a handmade fresh rosemary headpiece, which completed the image I had of her. I was so excited when she got to the set. She took one look and said, “This is Pinterest worthy”. Excitement poured off of Morgan and her mother. Their hilarious stories had me laughing along with them. Then the situation got real. “Mom, I just had a contraction.” Morgan’s face glowed with delight. What??!!??! The mother and I started timing the contractions. Thankfully, Morgan did not go into labor that day, but she did a few days later. Enter a beautiful baby girl. The song Morgan picked for her shoot meant a lot to her. It was my pleasure to make the slideshow fit the song. My customer’s desires are my number one priority. However, in the back of my mind, another idea wouldn’t go away. An expecting Mom waiting to bring sunshine into this world. A mother and daughter sharing the experience together. The photos felt like they belonged with another song. Just for my own benefit, I created her a second slideshow using “You are My Sunshine.” When she saw this slideshow she agreed I made the right choice. It just fits.


Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a Mother.

July 31, 2016  •  1 Comment

Today, I was invited to photograph four generations of women.  It was such a pleasure to see the laughs and the love that flowed through the family.  The baby was just turning four months and the great grandma was well, you never ask a lady her age but she was old enough to have a newborn great-grand daughter.  J  Each of the girls / women was in a different stage of their lives.  A new born baby learning to hold her head up, a tween trying to find the balance of being a kid and almost a teenager, a mom of a newborn that struggled through the night yet still showed up looking beautiful despite the lack of sleep, a mom that is just entering the years of having a teenager in the house and the matriarch of the family that was all smiles, surrounded by her family that she loves more than life itself. 

After everything bad that has been happening in the world lately, it really warmed my heart and restored my faith in the world.  Don’t let the media persuade you that good, hard-working, love centered families don’t still exist.  There is still hope for generations to come.

  Just remember… “What force is more potent than love.”




“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”― Alice

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Dreams really do come true....  This website is one of many first steps to making MY dream come true. 

Darkside photography came about because of a game changing personal experience. I KNEW I had to do this for other women.  I wanted all women to feel about themselves what I was feeling about myself. 

My husband’s birthday was coming up… He has always said (in jest) that he wanted a wife that could cook.  My answer was, “Thank God, I know how to make a mean tuna fish.”  I rarely cook.  Maybe once a month.  MAYBE!!   So for his birthday I came up with an idea that was a little of me and a little bit of him.  I did a pinup styled shoot of me cleaning the house, cooking dinner (or should I say burning dinner) and making a cake. As he watched the slideshow I created for him, I cried.  He asked why I was crying.  My answer, “Because this is the first time in a very long time that I feel beautiful.”  I can’t explain it.  I wasn’t seeing myself through my own eyes.  I typically focus on my thighs and butt that are too big for my liking.  That time I was seeing myself through his eyes.  I knew at that moment I had to do this for other women.   I started educating myself and practicing those techniques.  Now to do this. 

PIn-up style boudoirA photo from my photo shoot


So, how do you ask someone, “Can I go to your house and take pictures of you?”  I thank God every day for my incredible group of friends.  Because I had a good friend volunteer.  She had kicked breast cancer’s a$$ and wanted to do a session to show even after all of her surgeries and medical procedures that she still had beauty and life.  Before the session, she asked that I not remove any of her scars.  She said they were hard earned scars and they were very much HER.  I agreed.  We poured a glass (or two) of homemade wine, turned on the music, and over the next hour and a half, came out with some incredible images.  I returned to her house to show her slide show.  Her husband walked in as we were about to watch it.  So I actually got to see a husband’s first time reaction.  Something that I never get to see.  My friend first watched her husband watching what he calls his favorite movie EVER.  Then she watched it.  After it was over, she looked at me and said I asked you to not remove my scars.  I answered I didn’t.  They are all still there.  She never noticed them. She finally saw herself as her husband sees her.  Her husband then told her,” When I look at you I don’t see scars. I see your beauty.”

That first session pushed me over the edge to do this for all women.  I want to get to the core of what makes you feel beautiful.  Your flaws and your scars are what make you a beautiful woman inside and out.  Even if you don’t know what your session would be about.  We can sit down with your drink of choice (wine for me), we talk about your story, come up with wardrobe and music ideas and then my creativity kicks in.  I use the music and clothing choices to custom design a set and session for you.  In the end, you come out of the session more inspired and empowered.  

Welcome to the Dark Side!!!


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